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upaya Expedient though not always finally true. Initially applied as being a polemical gadget towards other colleges - contacting them "basically" expedient, missing in greatest real truth, later on used in opposition to just one's have university to forestall students sort forming attachments to doctrines In Mahayana, exemplified through the Lotus Sutra, upaya tend to be the beneficial signifies that Buddhas (and Buddhist academics) use to no cost beings into enlightenment

For A lot of its duration the Mekong flows via bedrock channels, i.e., channels that happen to be confined or constrained by bedrock or old alluvium while in the mattress and riverbanks.[three] Geomorphologic attributes Commonly connected with the alluvial stretches of experienced rivers, which include meanders, oxbow lakes, Lower-offs, and intensive floodplains are limited to a brief extend with the mainstream about Vientiane and downstream of Kratie wherever the river develops alluvial channels which are free of Handle exerted because of the fundamental bedrock.

On this list, an attempt has been made to prepare phrases by their initial form and give translations and synonyms in other languages combined with the definition.

It is actually believed that forty million rural men and women, much more than two-thirds of the rural inhabitants while in the lower Mekong basin, are engaged from the wild seize fishery.[three] Fisheries contribute appreciably to a diversified livelihood method for Many of us, particularly the bad, who will be really dependent on the river and its assets for their livelihoods.[28][29][33] They offer a principal type of income the original source for various persons and act as a safety Web and coping method in instances of bad agricultural harvests or other problems.

The Mekong basin just isn't Typically considered a seismically Lively space just as much in the basin is underlain through the comparatively stable continental block. Nonetheless, the areas of the basin in northern Laos, northern Thailand, Myanmar and China do practical experience Regular earthquakes and tremors.

e., in a position to lead practitioners to enlightenment) in Every single period due to the various potential to simply accept a teaching (機根 Cn: jīgēn; Jp: kikon) on the people today born in each respective period.

dhammavinaya The dharma and vinaya (roughly "doctrine and discipline") regarded as jointly. This expression basically signifies The full teachings of Buddhism as taught to monks

dakini A supernatural feminine with volatile temperament who serves to be a muse for spiritual exercise. Dakinis in many cases are depicted naked to signify the reality

At view website Tianti, we perform consultation regarding the truth of the matter of Falun Dafa on every day foundation, keep introductory classes and group scientific studies on weekly basis, and provide Falun Dafa nine-Working day workshops on every month foundation for systematic Understanding.

vipassana Ordinarily translated as "Insight" meditation, most connected with the Theravāda custom, but will also current in A few other traditions for example Tiantai. Often combined with śamatha meditation

osho A time period applied to handle a monk from the Zen Buddhist custom. At first reserved for top-rating monks, it's got considering the fact that been appropriated for day-to-day use when addressing any male member of the Zen clergy

mahasiddha litt. wonderful spiritual accomplishment. A yogi in Tantric Buddhism, often related to the best levels of enlightenment

Arrive at six: Phnom Penh to your South China Sea. Listed here the look what i found mainstream divides into a posh and ever more managed and artificial program of branches and canals. Key options of flow behaviour are tidal influences and salt h2o intrusion.

As being the Mekong enters Cambodia, around 95 p.c of its flows have presently joined the river.[eight] From right here on downstream the terrain is flat and drinking water concentrations rather than circulation volumes figure out the movement of water across the landscape.

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